Why choose a hot mop shower pan?

A Hot mop shower pan will protect your property.

When tile is going to be installed in a shower, the waterproof membrane also known as the shower liner becomes the insurance policy that makes the entire shower installation perform. Under upstairs bathrooms and showers are rooms filled with your personal belongings, valuable family heirlooms, art work, electronics, and computer equipment. Therefore, no compromise should be accepted for installing the best and most durable waterproof shower liner possible. A hot mop shower pan is the most superior shower liner available.

A hot mop shower pan is the shower liner that lasts "forever".

We all know the expression nothing is forever. An expertly installed hot mop shower pan will last nearly forever, or at least the life of your bathroom. It is likely that everything else in your bathroom will fail and be replaced before your shower liner fails if you have a hot mop shower pan. It makes little sense to choose a shower liner that is pre fabricated to save a little bit of money when a hot mop shower pan will not only last longer but will protect better than any other shower liner.

A hot mop shower pan easily protects any shape of bathtub or shower.

Because a hot mop shower pan is applied in a liquid state, it is easy to create a hot mop shower pan that molds and fits to any unique shape better than any other type of shower liner. A new shower liner will need to be created with the shower’s design in mind. Waterproofing a bench, uniquely shaped shower, or roman tub, can become a tedious task with a prefabricated shower liner. It is here where a hot mop shower pan will shine above any other type of shower liner. An expert hot mop shower pan installer can easily tailor his installation to any shape of shower or bath creating a shower liner that is far superior to anything you can buy prefabricated.

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