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Ojeda Shower Pans has over 15 years experience in the custom shower pan hot mop business. We come highly recommended as most of our hot mop shower pan jobs come from repeat and referral business. We work for contractors and home owners who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to recognize that a hot mop shower pan is the most effective, safe and secure way to waterproof your shower. Many industry experts and veterans will agree that a hot mopped shower pan is far superior to any shower liner on the market. Be sure to read our article: Shower Liner vs. Hot Mop Shower Pan

Hot Mop Shower Pan Industry Information

Ojeda shower pans offers leading hot mop shower pan and shower pan liner industry information. Be sure to read our "how to" pages where we actually show how to build a custom shower pan. We’ll give you insider tips on how to pre prep a shower before the hot mop shower pan is installed. Keep in mind hot mopping can be a messy and tedious job. It is highly recommended that only a professional shower pan hot mopper install a hot mop shower pan.

Call Ojeda Shower Pans in Southern California to hot mop your shower pan instead of using a shower liner:

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How to hot mop a shower pan
Shower Liner vs. Hot Mop Shower Pan | Why Choose a Hot Mop Shower Pan
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